Tuesday, March 19
Writing for the Web
Workshop led by Susanna Opper
Lenox Library, 6–8 p.m.

It may not be poetry or fiction, but you can still write lively, interesting prose to get your message across on the Web. In a mere 300 to 500 words you can tell an organization’s story, promote an event, describe a product or process, and provide value to your reader at the same time. Writing tight, easy­to-read copy takes practice, but you can learn important principles in this workshop. Before you come, gather your thoughts about something you want to promote online—in a newsletter, blog, or website.

Susanna Opper has more than forty years’ experience in business communications for top Fortune companies and small businesses. Today she specializes in helping businesses, nonprofits, and solopreneurs with their messaging requirements. A pioneer in online communication, she published, in 1992, the seminal work Technology for Teams: Enhancing Communication in Networked Organizations. Her newsletter, Web Words, reaches nearly 1,500 subscribers monthly and has been published for more than six years. www.shawenon.com