Maria Sirois in action

On Day 4 of the Festival, Maria Sirois offered a writing workshop, “Happiness: Writing as a Path to Positive Transformation.”  Having seen Maria in action before, I knew she would be giving us something very special, and I was not disappointed.

She led us in a series of writing prompts that asked us to think about what our own personal sources of happiness have been.

She shared a great lesson: that pleasure plus meaning equals happiness.

And she reminded us to always “lean towards the light” in our creative endeavors, rather than dwelling on what upsets us.

The two hours of Maria’s workshop passed all too quickly, leaving me hungry for more of her wisdom.  Fortunately, she is working on a new book that will share her talents and knowledge much more widely in the world!

Maria left us with a few parting gems of thought.  The one I found the most powerful is this: Have faith that who you are matters to the world right now.

Write out of that faith.


More of my reflections on Maria’s workshop are posted on Transition Times.

—Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez