Wednesday, March 6
WRites of Passage and the Age of Becoming: Puberty and the Onset of Fertility
Writing workshop hosted by Angela R. Vuagniaux, with Anni Crofut and Suzi Fowle
Sruti Yoga Center, 33 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, 7–9 p.m.

Participants will be invited to explore some of the pivotal moments in their lives through writing prompts, discussion, free writing, and sharing.

Angela Vuagniaux

Angela Vuagniaux writes nonfiction in order to understand her life as a menopausal stepmother to a pubescent eleven-year-old, while healing from her experience as a teenage birth mother. Over the years she has been a writer, teacher, vagabond, grant writer, and caregiver. She has participated in numerous writing workshops and led a few of her own.

Anni Crofut

Anni Crofut, who lives in Housatonic, MA, has chosen an eclectic path, mixing her work as jewelry designer with her passions for Indonesia, writing, and movement. Her musings appear on her blog Anni

Suzie Fowle is a wildlife biologist and mother. She enjoys delving into and asking questions about menarche and fertility. Her essay “Mothering by Moonlight” was featured at the 2012 Berkshire Festival of Women Writers Gala Finale.