Hosted by Sonia Pilcer with Sondra Zeidenstein (publisher of Chicory Blue Press), Beth Sack, Joan Embree, and Victoria Sullivan

Mason Library, Great Barrington, 12-2 p.m.

We are women writers of a certain age, who grew up in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. If our mothers lived this long, they were retired, if they had ever worked. Not only do we continue to write our lives, but we are navigating through the turbulent waters of e-books and internet ’zines, not to mention facing the challenge of publishing old-fashioned books. We want to reach out to our younger cohorts and to our age peers, receive their wisdom, and share ours.


Sonia Pilcer is the author of five novels including her most recent The Holocaust Kid, which she adapted as a theatrical play, and was performed at Shakespeare & Co.
She has just completed a new novel The Last Hotel about NYC, 1980, from which she will read.
She teaches writing at the Writers Voice in New York City and at Berkshire Community College in Great Barrington.

Sondra Zeidenstein is author of three books of poetry, most recently Contraries, New and Selected Poems. She is
editor of Family Reunion, Poems about Parenting Grown Children, A Wider Giving, Women Writing after a Long Silence and other anthologies. She is publisher of Chicory Blue Press, a small press that focuses on supporting the voices of older women writers.

Beth Sack was born and raised in the suburbs of New York.  In  11th grade,  she realized that her greatest passion was literature: both in the reading and the writing. She is a member of the Library staff at Bard College of Simon’s Rock, mother of two fabulous(!) grown sons, and a not so secret writer of short fiction.
Joan Embree is a caterer, cook, former restauranteur and yoga teacher. She has beloved creatures: children, grandson, dogs and cats and happily keeps trying to become a writer all the while living in the beautiful Berkshires.

Victoria Sullivan, both a poet and a playwright, has performed her poetry in numerous venues in New York City, Ulster County and Cairo, Egypt, as well as on radio and television.  Her latest chapbook, Eating Figs at Twilight won the Edda Poetry Chapbook Competition for Women of the Sarasota Poetry Theatre Press.