Gutsy Gals Inspire Me!®  

is proud to announce the winners of the


To be presented at

The Berkshire Festival  of Women Writers

March 21, 2014


Cathryn Michon, writer and director – Best Feature Film/Comedy – Muffin Top: A Love Story

Cathryn Michon

Cathryn Michon


Best of Categories

Feature Length

Naomi McDougall Jones, writer and Meredith Edwards, director – Best Feature/Drama – Imagine I’m Beautiful

Heather Taylor, writer and director – Best Feature/Historical Documentary – Breaking through the Clouds

Maria Agui Carter, writer and director – Best Feature/Documentary of the Americas – Rebel



Marion Gagnon, writer and director – Best Short/Historical Documentary –          Ida Lewis

Judith Finneren, writer and director – Best Short/Narrative – Ghost Bike

Ingrid Pfau, writer and director – Best Short/Student Emerging Talent – Seizing the Unrecorded


Special Category

Outstanding films that provide insight into an important issue of our times

Sarah Moshman, writer and director – Special Category/Women’s Empowerment – The Empowerment Project

Dawn Engle, director – Special Category/Peace Award – Children of the Light

Marion Lipschultz, writer/Marion Lipschultz and Rose Rosenblatt co-directors – Special Category/Social Justice – Young Lakota

Marilyn Schlitz, writer and director – Special Category/Contemporary Spirituality – Death Makes Life Possible


Official Selections

Julie Akeret and Christian McEwen, co-directors – Official Selection – Tomboys

Angie Klink, director – Official Selection – Rise Above the Mark

Virginia Robinson, writer and director – Official Selection – Mitchel and Russell