Why Women Writers Should Try Playing Table Tennis

From a distance, you may think that writing is a simple job. It looks simple but very tiresome. Do you know there are times that a writer reaches a dead end? A point of no return psychologists calls it a writer’s block. This is the time the brain shuts down from any creative thinking and just need to relax. It could be in the middle of a project that needs to be submitted in hours. As a woman, it is worse due to the kind of work that they need to do especially if it is a wife, a mother and a mentor at the same time. These are many titles for one person but also small in case one understands how to manage the writing work plus social life. Playing table tennis is something to do to overcome writer’s block. It comes in handy to enhance one’s creativity skills and the fact that it acts as a workout activity, it is the best game to know as a woman writer. You may start small but before you notice you will play table tennis like pro players. There are many benefits to playing it. Here are a few of them especially for a writer.

Enhances your strategic and critical thinking

This is a game that makes sure that all the body parts liaise with each other. Your eyes need to work with the hand and the legs to make sure that you are able to hit the ball at the right time for the sake of a win. This is what one needs as a woman writer. You need to strategize your plot and make sure that everything is in order and it flows. This is something that you can only do when you are in stable mental health which the game promotes.

Sharpens your brain

This is a brain game. Writing also involves a lot of brains since these are thoughts that you have to make sure they are in order to have the best writing. Ping pong enhances blood flow to the brain which makes it easy to manage and deal with all the issues that a woman writer has to have the best in terms of creativity.

Work out activity

As a woman writer, there is a possibility of gaining weight before you even notice. This is because the work involves a lot of sitting hours that enhance weight gain. What you need to do is to make sure that you are active by playing ping pong. This is a game that makes all the body parts active. This means that you will not only have good mental health but also physical health too.

Enhances coordination

The work of a woman in the modern days is so tasking that you need to have good coordination to multitask. The fact that ping pong enhances this means that you are one person who can even write multiple projects and still not compromise on quality. If there is a game that all women writers should play then it is ping pong due to the above benefits.