Did you know that a serious gender gap still persists in the U.S. media and literary landscape?


According to the 2013 VIDA Count, along with the 2014 Status of Women in the Media Report produced by the Women’s Media Center, male voices still dominate every form of media, from film and TV to newspapers and broadcast networks to news wires and social media news outlets. 

There are many reasons why we are less likely to hear from women in the public sphere, but experts from Carol Gilligan to Mary Pipher to Deborah Tannen point to a tendency for women of all ages to be more cautious in expressing their ideas in a classroom or professional setting, and thus to have less experience in speaking up in public.

Over time, this cautiousness translates into a society where it’s so normal for male voices to predominate that we don’t even notice it happening.

The Berkshire Festival of Women Writers aims to counter this trend. During the month of March, Women’s History Month, as well as year-round, we offer opportunities for women of all ages and from many walks of life to share their perspectives in writing and in public speaking in front of appreciative audiences.  We also offer workshops to help women and girls sharpen their skills in a supportive environment. 

We believe that every woman and girl has a story to tell and the capacity to eloquently write and share it.  In strengthening the voices of women and girls, we strengthen our communities and ultimately make our society more balanced, more vibrant and more truly representative of who we are.

We invite you to join us in this mission.  Propose or sponsor a Festival event; advertise in our Program or on our website; become a Friend of the Festival; help us spread the good word through your media networks. 

Together we can change the world!