A young man’s response to the Festival screening of MISSREPRESENTATION on March 14 at Simon’s Rock:

“I really enjoyed the documentary, much more than I was expecting. I thought it made a strong case for the significance of the issue [that women’s demeaning presentation in the media goes hand in hand with their lack of representation in politics and other leadership positions] and did an excellent job presenting the evidence with real-world examples, leaving little room to question whether this prejudice was truly happening. I think the film is incredibly persuasive of the fact that there is a problem, perfect for those that question this claim due to a lack of personal experience (as I did before coming to SRC).
“I’m convinced that I will never look at women’s depiction in the media the same way.
“I’ve been telling lots of people (other students, my parents, Facebook) about the documentary and many are very interested to see it themselves. So I hope you still plan to show it again! I would come see it again.
“And when telling others about the film, I repeated what one of the hosts had said that HuffPo had rated it #3 on their 50 Best Things to Happen to Women in 2011. Some students questioned me about this, so I looked the list up for myself and discovered the film was actually #2, outrated only by the three women who shared last year’s Nobel Peace Prize! In case you haven’t gone through the list, I highly recommend it. I found it incredibly inspiring.
“I think the general Simon’s Rock community would love the film, and if I had a daughter or sister I would insist that they see it themselves in order to recognize the poison being shoved at them merely to sell more junk.
“The single point I wish it had covered was how this issue is important for everybody. At some point one of the speakers said something like “this system hurts everyone, but it is especially rough on women”. I wish they had elaborated on this a bit more. And the obvious way in which society as a whole is damaged when half of the population is being dangerously oppressed and everyone is brainwashed into unrealistic standards. Sure, the male population might have more control right now, but wouldn’t a harmonious society be in everyone’s benefit?”
–David Ernst