The Stockbridge Library hosted a capacity crowd on Friday night for the panel on self-publishing organized by Carole Owens, with Hester Velmans, Jana Laiz and Melissa Batalin.

From left, Melissa Batalin, Carole Owens, Hester Velmans and Jana Laiz

Each author had her own take on the relative merits of self-publishing, as opposed to trying the more traditional big publishing route, but all thought it was a very worthwhile avenue to explore.

Melissa Batalins, who runs Troy Bookmakers, shared a wealth of information about how to make your dream book a reality.

Jana Laiz, who runs her own imprint, Crow Flies Press, shared her war stories of being a DIY publisher and author, but she glowed when sharing the fruits of her labor.  Her success stories include Weeping Under This Same Moon and Twelfth Stone.

Hester Velmans talked about her two books for young readers, the first of which gained such a following that they positively demanded that a series follow–and it has!

And Carole Owens shared her stories of being published by big publishing companies, which she said, included enough difficult experiences that she was quite open to considering the possibility of other avenues.

The audience was filled with questions and comments, making for a lively discussion until the library closed its doors at 8 pm.

Audience in the Stockbridge Library