Presented by Joanna Krotz
at the Lenox Library, 6-7:30 p.m.

The rising tide of women’s wealth and consumer muscle has spawned an armada of preachy books and media know-it-alls. Yet few gurus or tools address the true drivers of women’s relationship to money—the love/hate, the push/pull, the retail therapy/fortress issues. This is especially true for women writers and artists. Understanding these underlying emotional motivations and adopting better tools to take charge of money management can help women control both their lives and their dough. This workshop will surface women’s fears and inhibitions about the power of taking charge of finances to help us live happily ever after.

Joanna L. Krotz is a knowledgeable forecaster for trends in charitable giving, women’s leadership, social entrepreneurship, and money management. She has been a top-level editor at Hearst Corp., Time Inc., Meredith Corp. and other international publishers. Her bylined work has appeared in Money, New York, the New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Town & Country, Worth, and other publications. Krotz is an online columnist for MSN and author of The Guide to Intelligent Giving; Making Philanthropy Count: How Women Are Changing the World; and coauthor of The Microsoft Small Business Kit.