Walking and Writing Workshop with Zara Raab and Hilde Weisert

Come be inspired by the beautiful landscape of the Bard College at Simon’s Rock campus, and the guidance offered by two seasoned poets of the natural world. You don’t have to “be a poet” to write beautiful poetry!

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Living in the Berkshires, how do you respond to what Keats called “the poetry of earth” with poetry of your own?  Do what many of the great poets have done — take a walk!

A walk is a way into a new kind of seeing, hearing, sensing, and — in this workshop– a way into poetry. One strong connection between writing and walking is the rhythm of the poetic line, the flow of accented and unaccented syllables matching the beat and sound of one’s own footsteps.

For this two-hour poetry workshop, we’ll provide you with examples of poems of walking, as well as suggestions you can use for reflection as you walk outside for a quarter of an hour or so. In the second hour, we’ll gather back together to do some writing and talk about what we’ve written, together with specific feedback by workshop leaders.


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