Purposeful Memoir Workshop with Jennifer Browdy

May theme: Motherhood, Reconsidered.

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Jennifer Browdy, Ph.D., leads a lively two-hour Saturday afternoon memoir writing workshop, with a focus on mothers and mothering. We’ll write and share about some of the highlights or low points of our experience as daughters, and think together about which of the lessons gained from our mothers we want to preserve and pass on to future generations, and which might be better off jettisoned. How have you mothered your own children, or if you are childless, how have you mothered yourself or other people around you? What does that verb “to mother” really mean?

These writing workshops are designed to accompany the monthly writing prompts in Jennifer’s new book, The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir: A Writer’s Companion. Participants should expect to do some writing together at each session, and there will also be time for sharing excerpts from your own memoir writing, whether or not you are using the Writer’s Companion book as a source of inspiration. Drop-ins welcome.


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