Poets, from left: Elizabeth Bradfield, Cecily Parks, Amy Dryansky, Hannah Fries, Jessica Greenbaum. Photo credit: Lee Rogers

Orion’s poetry reading on a chilly, damp April 1 was a warm closing for the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers–and a great local kickoff for National Poetry Month.
Each poet read pieces that have appeared in Orion magazine, along with a selection of other work.  A spirit of reverence for the living world resonated through all of their readings, marked by the kind of gracious attentiveness that likely brought these poets to Orion’s pages in the first place, and which is such a gift to those who read and hear them.  We are grateful they traveled from eastern Massachusetts and New York to be with us!
If you haven’t gotten enough poetry yet this month, you’ll be glad to hear of another festival–the Massachusetts Poetry Festival–happening April 20-22 in Salem, MA.  Check out their website and get a taste of the exciting events they have planned.