1001921_486123311488274_185670560_nThe Berkshire Festival of Women Writers is proud to announce a new partnership with The Berkshire Edge, the online newspaper published by Marcie Setlow and David Scribner.  The Edge will publish Edge Wise: Voices, Views and Visions of Women in the Berkshire Region, a weekly column curated by Festival Director Jennifer Browdy.

The Festival has always been about opening new doors for women to step into their full potential as writers with important perspectives to share.  We do it with our month-long, multi-venue March Festival; with our monthly Lean In writing circles for women; with our forthcoming Festival Anthology, Writing Fire; and now we’ll also be providing weekly opportunities for women from the region to spark new conversations in the public sphere.

If you’re interested in writing a column, please read on for guidelines and be in touch!


Who can submit?

Any woman, of any age, from the Berkshire region (including the shoulder areas of Columbia County, NY, Litchfield County, CT, and Windham County, VT).  Part-time residents or anyone with a strong connection to the region also welcome to submit.

What topics are appropriate?

Women, like men, are engaged in every aspect of contemporary life, and we want to hear from you about anything and everything that interests you.

Does the column have to focus on Berkshire-related issues?

Your interest in the topic, as a resident of the Berkshire region, is enough of a Berkshire tie-in, although of course columns on local events, people and issues are welcome.

Are different genres welcome?

Your column can be written in any style, from personal narrative, to creative non-fiction to fiction or poetry.  If you choose to submit fiction or poetry, please include an introduction explaining why you think your story or poem will be of interest to readers.

How long should the column be?

Between 500 and 1,000 words.

Do I need to submit anything else with my column?

We will need a short biography of you (60 words maximum) and a headshot in digital format (JPG or TIF).  You may also submit illustrative materials to accompany your column, as long as you own or can secure the rights to them.

Can I submit previously published work?

As long as you hold the copyright to your writing, you are welcome to send us work that has been published at least six months prior to your submission date.  We ask that you refrain from republishing your Berkshire Edge columns for at least three months after our publication date.

Is there any payment?

While there is no cash payment at this time, we invite you to think of your columns as a community service and a chance to get your voice further out into the public sphere.

How do I submit?

Submit queries or full columns to Jennifer@berkshirewomenwriters.org.