A Writing Workshop with Mary Campbell-Case and Amy Webb
Bra & Girl, Railroad Street, Great Barrington 7-9 p.m.

This writing workshop will explore two insidiously damaging lies: that our bodies must meet someone else’s approval to be worthy of adoration and love, and that it’s the size and shape of us that matters most to our happiness. We’ll explore the implications of these lies and celebrate our fabulous breasts in writing and shared storytelling. What helped you love your beauties? And how do you party with what you’ve got? Come in full cleavage if you’ve got it to flaunt or sleek and sexy if not. Just do it up!

Space is limited, so reservations are recommended. Click here to reserve your space.

Mary Campbell Case is the founder of Divining Beauty (http://diviningbeauty.com/about) as well as the creator of Claiming Our Voices (http://claimingourvoices.org) and the Walking Our Talk (http://claimingourvoices.org/walking-our-talk) concept and initiative. She leads women’s inspirational groups throughout the Northeast. Her work and leadership are informed by both her lifelong studies of spirituality, sensuality, and relationship, and her personal experiences as a wife and partner, mother, artist, and human being.

Amy Webb is the founder and director of Sruti Berkshire Yoga Center in Great Barrington. Her primary teacher is Richard Freeman. She began working with Berkshire Ashtanga in the Fall of 2007 and is grateful to receive and share the gifts of yoga. Her heartfelt mission is for Sruti’s doors to be open for all people to experience and cultivate practice, space, and wisdom from our inner and outer teachers. Learn more at http://www.srutiyogacenter.com