Workshop led by Heather C. Meehan
Daniel Arts Center Dance Studio, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, 84 Alford Road, Great Barrington, 7 p.m.

In this workshop Simon’s Rock senior Heather C. Meehan will lead the group in exploring and activating the dialogue between language and movement, through exercises that use literary forms (short story, poetry, personal essay, etc.) as a framework for inspiring movement. Learn how to move your body in poetic meter, create dance “haikus” and retell stories from your own personal mythology through interpretive dance.

Heather C. Meehan is currently working with Contact Quarterly, a journal of improvisational dance, archiving past issues that date back to 1978. Previously, she spent a semester working as the Operations Assistant at Earthdance, an artist residency and retreat center in Plainfield, MA.

She is in the process of writing a B.A. thesis that consists of personal essays and poetry on the subject of embodiment. As an extension of her thesis, she has also choreographed and performed a dance piece, “Exposure”, which explored concepts of memory and forgetting, and which was presented in a nontraditional performance space–a lobby–this past October. Presently, she is developing a movement theater piece, “Confinement,” which will debut in February 2014.

She is currently in her final semester of the B.A. program at Simon’s Rock, where she has a concentration in creative writing with complementary coursework in dance and psychology. When she is not leading workshops or doing brainstorming related to her thesis, she also writes poetry incessantly, teaches swim lessons, plays the viola, and spends time going for long walks and climbing trees.