How Women Writers Can Stay Safe While Engaging in Outdoor Activities

Woman working in a coffee shop

The life of a writer is admirable and tricky at the same time. These are people who spend most of their time indoors creating content for your knowledge base. When not careful, they can quickly gain weight and stay an unhealthy lifestyle due to long hours of sitting and minimal physical movement. Therefore, outdoor activities help them to stay active and engage in physical exercises.

There are several activities they can do while away from home. The million-dollar question, what are some of the factors they need to consider when looking for an outdoor activity?

  • Your level of security
  • Length of time
  • Its benefits vs. challenges
  • The objective of the activity
  • The prevailing weather and climatic conditions
  • Cost implications
  • Availability of the facilities

Among the top list is your security. In most cases, you feel safe when you are home. Away from the home environment, your safety is not guaranteed; therefore, it’s your duty to try as much as possible and practice safety skills to prevent any attacks.

1. Get a firearm

Although different countries have different conditions for you to get a gun; it’s an asset that you need to have just in case you are under attack; you can easily defend yourself. The protocols go a step further to choose the kind of gun for a civilian, but the 6.5 barrel choices suit the best for targeted shooting. In case you are out there hunting, then a firearm designed for the Creedmoor is ideal for short-distance shooting is the best option. There is some confidence that comes with people who have guns. They can go places without fear. It also comes in handy when engaging in an outdoor activity in the jungle, especially for women. You can shoot an animal that you think can endanger your life. However, it would be best if you did this within the specified conditions.

2. Run due diligence of the area

As much as you want to be adventurous, it’s essential to know where you are going and the safety around the area. We are in a digital era; you can always find information on the internet to prove the site’s safety. As a writer, you can know that you a researcher who knows how to get information. Social media is also an excellent place to get information. Once you have an idea, you know what to carry to make you feel safe.

3. Have safety equipment on board

The kind of equipment to have onboard depends on the type of outdoor activity. When going to have fun in the deep water, you are sure a safety jacket is a must-have. When going mountain climbing, then the story is different; you need to have the right tools of the trade. Otherwise, you might end up with other cold related illnesses since you went to higher altitudes with a no-so-warm jacket. Safety is not all about protection but also taking good care of your physical and emotional health.

4. Have criminal Investigation numbers

Yes, what do you do when you are under attack, yet you are in a strange place? It’s essential to have communication lines of law enforcement officers just as a back up to help only if you are under attack. They come in handy during such trying times.

5. Use technology to your advantage.

Technology came to help people in various aspects, which include security options. Have apps that help you locate places and get reviews of the sites to caution based on what people say about the area. Due diligence is vital to avoid such places at all costs. When you install a GPS, it helps you locate areas where you may not be familiar.

6. Let someone know your movement at any one point.

What happens when security or technological devices fail you? Some of the areas may be remote to a point you are offline. When going for any outdoor activity, someone should know that if you are lost, they know where to start. That is why introverts have a challenge when it comes to being socially fit.

7. Ensure you are in a safe place

Due to boredom and monotony of working at home, women writers can choose to change their workplace and go to a restaurant with an internet connection. As she enjoys swimming at the end of the say, she will get to her laptop and complete that assignment as fast as possible. In that scenario, it’s essential to choose a place where you feel safe and secure. Other things you also need to put into consideration include

  • Availability of social amenities for your outdoor activity of choice
  • Access to necessary facilities like hospitals in case of emergency
  • An isolated area to give you ample time to concentrate on your work
  • Diverse outdoor activities- to maximize one’s time

As a woman writer, if you don’t engage in an outdoor activity, you miss out on a crucial component that supports your emotional health. It’s all upon you to choose an activity that goes with your passion. That is when you will have fun and enjoy its benefits in totality.