Festival Rep Judy Nardacci describes the Berkshire Magazine panel:

“Berkshire Magazine’s event was praised in the evaluations for the diverse points of view, the realistic insights into the world of writers trying to survive in a changing and challenging time, and the honesty of the panel. Only one of the six said she is able – barely, at times- to earn a living from writing alone.

“Others have a variety of part-time work from editing to public relations work. Some value being able to work from home, and others need to flee from the phone calls and demands of running a household to find a quiet space to write. They found working with an editor variously helpful, frustrating, collaborative, or crushing. They all – no matter what the personal difficulties are that they each encounter – gave us the sense that writing is as much a part of themselves as breathing. We came away from the morning much more appreciative of both the obstacles and the craft that are part of their lives.”

Berkshire Magazine Editor Anastasia Stanmeyer and Ellen Lahr

Later in the day, The American Institute of Economic Research hosted a panel of women whose work is moving to change the dominant paradigms of humans’ relationship with both the environment and the economy.

L-R, Phyllis Webb, Judith Schwartz and Billie Best


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