Lynnette Lucy Najimy and Marie-Elizabeth Mali explored the ways in which photography and writing could intertwine.

Marie-Elizabeth shared her gorgeous underwater photographs and film clips from recent scuba trips in Indonesia, and read powerful, poignant and often funny poetry, giving the endangered creatures of the tropical reefs a voice, and using them as avenues into a moving exploration of her own life and place in the world.

Lynnette showed photographs she had taken at the decaying Great Barrington Fairgrounds, and read a personal narrative that moved gradually off the perimeter and into the heart of the Fairgrounds proper, and into the heart of her own unfolding life story.

At the end of her presentation, she introduced Janet and Bart Elsbach, who recently purchased the Fairgrounds with the intention of turning it into an outdoor community center dedicated to education, sustainable agriculture, local economies and recreation.

A lively discussion with the audience ensued, with questions for both Marie-Elizabeth and Lynnette, as well as Janet and Bart.

Marie-Elizabeth and Lynnette will be continuing to develop these projects–we’ll bring them back to share more in future Festivals for sure!

Lynnette with Bart and Janet Elsbach


Marie-Elizabeth Mali