Professor Holly Brown of Simon’s Rock, along with student presenters Paola Garcia, Melissa Sherman-Bennett and Abby Smith, led a spirited workshop highlighting lesser known 20th century Latin American women writers Gabriela Mistral (who should be better known as she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945!), Clarice Lispector and Maria Teresa Solari, as well as Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  The event was interactive and lively, including short writing exercises, readings and small group discussions. The audience came away with new knowledge and some new ideas about how to approach unfamiliar texts.

Holly Brown


Abby Smith presenting


Paola Garcia presenting


Mary Campbell Case led a group of about 30 Festival attendees in her own infectious brand of “writing, passion, power and play.”  She waxed enthusiastic about her workshop the next morning:

“BIG BRAG!! 30 great women sat around me tonight as I led us in deep, crazy, and even loud body-heart-soul meditations to access and then journal our Inner Wisdom for the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. I called it Writing Power Passion and Play: Letting Your Soul Have Its Way With You!!!

“And best if all, I was improvising THE WHOLE TIME!! Two years ago when I began teaching my work I was panic stricken, notes in hand, in front of 8 women. Tonight it was FUN! Great ideas popped thru and I just kept saying YES! Yippee for this one glorious life!!!”

This is what our Festival is all about: giving women the courage and confidence to claim their own unique voices, put their ideas into words on paper and in speech, and share them with supportive, stimulating audiences.  YIPPEE indeed!

Mary Campbell Case leads her workshop