Nancy Slonim Aronie

Nancy Slonim Aronie gave an inspired presentation to about 80 people at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as the third of their series of Festival offerings.  She talked about the necessity for writers to tell stories from their hearts and their guts, not trying to protect readers from the stuff that is painful and raw–the work of the writer is alchemical, she said: “to turn shit into gold.”

Alchemy was also on the mind of writing instructor Laura Didyk, whose workshop was entitled “Garbage into Gold.”

Festival rep Lorrin Krouss was there and had this report:

“The lively, interactive writing session with Laura Didyk was wonderful.. About 25 people attended. Laura never stops smiling and somehow helps people find their inner creative voice.  We wrote to prompts and shared our writing. We created a story from  a random picture that we were handed.  We laughed, we applauded, we learned from each other and we ate cookies and chocolate.  What could be better!”

Just another busy, thought-provoking day at the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers!