It was a busy Sunday at the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers!

Festival rep Judy Nardacci had this to say about the morning screening of the film “Water Children,” hosted by the Berkshire International Film Festival at the Triplex:

“An audience of forty attended the Sunday morning screening of the beautifully filmed and moving “Water Children” at The Triplex. We were taken, through music and the creation of a moving art project, into the lives of women and a natural event in their lives in a wholly unique, sometimes unsettling, and always mind-expanding way. Watching people move through Tomoko Mukaiyama’s “cathedral” composed of thousands of white silk dresses, we experienced with them the depth of emotion evoked by the project; and had an opportunity to think of “art” – and the women the artist invited to participate in it, in a new way. The artist and the director collaborated to create a quiet, deeply felt and captivating work of film-making. One audience member called it a “life-enhancing and probably life-changing film.” Most felt a “talkback” would have added depth to the experience.”

Festival rep Lorrin Krouss attended the “From the Top” writing workshop with Alison Lobron, and reported that on every evaluation form she received, “the comments were all excellent and each and every person that attended stated that they wished that the session was longer.  That  is indeed the height of compliments!”

Alison Lobron

At the well-attended Orion reading in the afternoon, writers Ginger Strand, Melissa Holbrook Pierson and Andrea Cohen read from their works, which all explored the intersection of nature and culture.

Hannah Fries


Andrea Cohen



Melissa Holbrook Pierson


Ginger Strand