Festival Rep Lorrin Krouss reports that “Stories from the Inside Out” was wonderful!

Annabelle Coote

“It was a great space and Annabelle set the room up with some chairs and mats and pillows on the floor, along with hundreds of colorful pictures.  We started off with walking around the room to get acclimated wtih the space, then we did warm-up exercises (“brain dancing”), then more walking around the room to notice any differences in our observations.  After a pause for self-awareness, we each conducted a body scan to look for stories within ourselves and which part of our body helped us to find that story.  Then we wrote for a while, using the scattered pictures for stories or poems, followed by a wonderful time to draw – and a marvelously conducted sharing session.   Everyone went home with a new perspective on their own bodies and the stories we hold inside.  Annabelle is a very gifted instructor.”