Workshop led by Anastasia Stanmeyer
Otis Public Library, 48 North Main Rd, Otis, 2 – 4 p.m.


Anastasia Stanmeyer

This adult writing workshop will focus on writing an essay with a purpose and an audience in mind, an essay that tells a story by pulling the writer into it. This more personal type of writing allows the writer to put herself into the piece, while allowing facts and impressions to add authenticity and credibility. The goal is to set up an “argument” or a hypothesis that, if crafted well, carries the reader through the end and not only creates a revelation, but also brings the reader closer to the writer and to the subject that is being written about. This workshop, let by Berkshire Magazine editor Anastasia Stanmeyer, is free, although registration is suggested because space is limited. Participants are encouraged to share work that they have done and receive feedback. To register, email

Anastasia Stanmeyer is the editor of Berkshire Magazine. She is an active member of the Berkshire community and lives with her three children and husband on a farm in South County. She spent twelve years in Asia, writing and editing for TimeAsiaweekNewsweekStern, and other magazines. She has written extensively for dailies such as the Dallas Morning News, the Christian Science Monitor, and the San Francisco Chronicle.