The Women’s Salon of the Berkshires
Blodgett House, Bard College at Simon’s Rock,  7-9 p.m.
Join us for the March Women’s Salon to address the issues that are stirred up by the provocative film Miss Representation. Let’s connect with one another, continue the discussion started by the panel, and brainstorm next steps. All are welcome!

The Women’s Salon of the Berkshires, facilitated by Wren Bernstein, was founded to explore questions related to women’s evolution: What are women’s issues today? Is there a new, contemporary definition needed for women’s liberation, and if so, what is it and how do we accomplish it? This lightly moderated monthly gathering provides an opportunity for in-depth conversation and camaraderie among women, a place to think, speak, and be respectfully heard.

Wren Bernstein is a clinical social worker who has trained as a mediator, facilitator, and personal coach, working with individuals and groups to vitalize purpose and develop ever-higher levels of collaboration. The salon emerged out of her long-standing interest in the power of women to help one other release the ability to thrive and to evolve our world.