Workshop led by Analesa Rose Berg
Church on the Hill Annex, 55 Main Street, Lenox, 7 p.m.

Analesa-Berg-graphic-3-24This workshop begins with the premise that creating a future where we honor each other and the earth is possible. What is the new vision? What do we need to release to make room for new ways of being to take place? How can we do that together? The Alphabet of Vibration® is an art series created by Analesa Rose Berg that combines 23 letters of the Hebrew alphabet with symbols from many traditions. In this workshop you will hear how Analesa created these images and be inspired to listen deeply to your own inner knowing. Through visualization, you will be invited to interact with the colorful mandala images as prompts to write, draw, or dance what you feel, see, or hear. Expand your creative muscles and energize a positive future for all.

Analesa Rose Berg

Analesa Rose Berg is a transformational artist and founder of the newly formed Center for Human Emergence Northeast of the Berkshires. She loves creating welcoming and transformational experiences for people so that collectively we can actualize our true potential. Analesa’s work in the arts and leadership development reflect her wide range of experience in cross-cultural values, creative expression, the human potential movement, and spiritual psychology.