Can Machines Displace Writers?

Technology has changed all aspects of human lives, including information dissemination and communication. You can send information across to any part of the world with lightning speed once the recipient has access to the same technology.

Our lives generally have been reshaped drastically since the advent of technology. We now rely heavily on technology to do everything, even minor things like calling a cab service (Uber), keeping track of our calories, ordering food, or even folding clothes. Our whole life revolves around technology, and as writers, our job isn’t exempt from this trend.

With technology comes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use of machines which have threatened many jobs. Experts agree that soon, job automation will become the new normal.

Do you wonder if AI will displace you as a writer? Are you worried you might be affected just like people in other sectors? Read on to get the answers to these questions.

How Technology Has Impacted Writers

The coming of technology has profoundly impacted writers. Gone are the days’ writers depended only on pen and paper to write, gone too are the days of typewriters. Writers now employ gadgets such as phones, laptops, desktop computers, iPads, and tablets. There are also writing tools designed to help the writer work effectively, such as Grammarly, Copyscape, tools that help you generate topics, among others.

Technology has also enabled writers to be easily found. Nowadays, we can easily find writers through their blogs and websites, as GD dominates the market as the best web hosting site for writers and other freelancers.

Authority automation does it again as the best site that houses everything you need to know about hosting sites for your website, which will enable you as a writer to be effortlessly visible on the search engines and to potential clients when they search for you.

Writing has been made easier for writers with the advent of technology, and every day, more tools are being churned out to help make work easier for writers, but it’s worth noting that all these don’t come without a price.

The Introduction of Automated Copy Generating Systems

Writers also feel the effect of artificial intelligence as some companies are adopting automated copy generating systems. For example, Robotic journalism is gaining fast popularity, and writers are afraid this quick and super-efficient technology might displace us.

There are so many copy generating systems that promise to churn out contents with speed and ease. Some companies are already using these systems; for instance, Heliograf is a machine developed and used by the Washington Post to cover significant events and various topics on sports or politics. It’s been confirmed that this machine has written more than 800 articles without requiring human input. There are other copies generating systems that promise easy and attention-grabbing texts without the need to employ writers for the writing task. We’ll look at a few of them.

Automatic Script

This automated copy generating system promises to generate sales texts in minutes for Facebook Ads, Emails, Landing pages, etc. The creator insists companies don’t need copywriters as this script can create copies that understand their audience within a few minutes and with minimal cost. 

Funnel Script

Russell Brunson developed funnel script with Jim Edwards, and this automated copy generating system helps companies generate sales copy in just minutes. These copywriting and funnel building experts claim that with this script, companies don’t need a copywriter’s services as this system can easily give your company more sales than a copywriter can at a lower price.

Automated Journalism

Also known as robotic journalism or algorithmic journalism helps generate news articles through computer programs.  Stories are produced through the use of artificial intelligence instead of by humans. The AI collects and gathers information about a specific subject from diverse sources and comes up with an article about it. It’s very fast in collecting data and churning out articles.

Why Automated Copy Generating System Isn’t Enough

A snippet from the product description page of funnel script read thus, “Funnel Scripts is indeed good for generating quick and easy copy that doesn’t always fall flat.”  While these automated copy generating systems make it easy to create content and edit it for readability with ease and speed, it depends on your input and the specific script you use. It’s easy to get content developed based on a formula, but it can’t infuse human emotion into the writing; this is where you as a writer come in.

Writers connect to their audience on a personal and emotional level. Emotional intelligence is the vital key here, and that’s what you won’t get from an automated script.


The advent of technology means writers can be more visible and reachable through the use of the website. It has also made writing easier with the introduction of computers, phones, and tablets, but it came with a price. AI has been foretold to displace workers soon, and writers are worried our job might be affected. Still, there’s good news, AI might be good at generating easy copies, but there’s what we possess that it can never have, and it’s called emotional Intelligence.