Workshop led by Nanette Hucknall
Mason Library, 231 Main St, Great Barrington, 4 p.m.

Inside each of us, men and women, there are two kinds of energy — the active, assertive masculine energy, and the intuitive, reflective feminine energy — that exist beyond gender and sexual identity. Exploring the interaction between the energies, and their positive and negative aspects, can help you create compelling fictional characters and story lines. In this dynamic workshop there will be experiential exercises in how to balance and incorporate the positive aspects of the masculine and the feminine within yourself and how to use these insights to enrich your writing.


Nanette Hucknall

Nanette Hucknall is a psychotherapist, career therapist, writer and artist. She is the author of Karma, Destiny and Your Career, Higher Self Yoga, and co-author of The Rose and the Sword: How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies. Nanette is the founder and President of Higher Self Yoga Inc. She has designed and facilitated workshops in the United States, Canada and Europe.