A good story is a golden pathway.  It takes you places you would likely never go on your own.  It lets you pull on another’s skin and walk around in it for awhile, breathe life in with it, see the world through a different gamut of colors.

Good stories touch the deepest, hidden chambers of your heart, those secret places you forgot you still lived in, and they make you want to occupy those places again, and more fully.

Sitting in the audience the other night at the Out of the Mouths of Babes reading at Simon’s Rock took me and my wife Tomma on some amazing journeys into those neglected pockets of love, loss, hope and pain, discovery, redemption: the evening was absolutely and completely compelling, beautiful and inspirational!

I heard the echoes of my own conscious, deliberate, joy/pain-full fatherhood of raising my two wonderful girls, in the brave, touching, funny, authentic pieces read by the authors.  I felt again my own womanly/manly love for my children that burned so fiercely in those years and which has never left me.
It made me want to be more brave in my own writing.  This is the courage of women, the true courage all of us can rise to: the courage to be our full and authentic selves, and I admired it so in every phrase, every turn of the stories the women read to us.

The readings and the many bright, engaged faces there also brought me back to a sense I have had for much of my adult life that the company of women can so easily be an inspiring, exciting, ultimately transformative place to go, no matter what our sex.  It brought smiles, tears and a return to a sense of creative home that I’ve been missing for so long, and renewed my appetite for more.

I love the feminine heart and energy!  We need it so.  It may yet save our human world, one soul at a time.  Thank you!

–James Lawrence