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Nourishing women’s creative expression 



Photo by Sandra Jean Walker







Building creative community



Photo by L. Najimy.




Celebrating the creative talents

of women writers 



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Encouraging women to share their perspectives in the public sphere



Photo by L. Najimy
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About the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

The Berkshire Festival of Women Writers inspires, nourishes and strengthens women’s creative voices by offering stimulating workshops and events year-round designed to encourage women and girls to engage with one another and their communities, and develop as creative leaders.  Read more >

Festival News

Check out our fabulous 2017 Winter/Spring Season!

Kickstart Your Writing Project with Jana Laiz!

The momentum continues at the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers as we continue to fulfill our mission of nourishing and cultivating the voices and visions of women all all ages and from many walks of life in the Berkshire region.

This Winter/Spring season, we are proud to offer our local community an outstanding array of writing workshops for women all ages, led by experienced writing teachers at different locations in south Berkshire County.

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Below, writers deep in creation at Jennifer Browdy’s purposeful memoir workshop. Photo by Christina Rahr Lane.

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