6 Article Topic Ideas for Beginner Female Writers

The amount of text you write, the quality of your work, and the various writing tasks you engage in add up to your societal contributions.

Writing allows you to share your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with others, whether you write professionally or not.

Letter writing, though less common due to the advent of instant communication via email and text messaging, is also an extensive and beneficial form of writing.

Studies show that many adults continue to write letters, making it “the most pervasive of all literate activities.” Letter writing is important in people’s daily lives for the following reasons:

  • Communicates personal information and news
  • Maintains familial ties
  • Helps resolve disputes

As a writer, your written works benefit the society in the following ways:

  • Reports and analyzes important cultural, political, and world events
  • Inspires and entertains your audiences and readers
  • Educates youth, children and adults
  • Critiques the actions of government officials

Apart from email correspondence, writers engage in writing in multiple ways. You can write as any of the following:

  • A book and short story author
  • A journalist
  • An essayist
  • A poet
  • A college professor
  • An opinion columnist
  • A dedicated diarist – records daily life observations and thoughts
  • A casual writer of opinion letters to daily newspapers
  • A writer for special-interest periodicals (non-paid)
  • A special-interest or personal blogger
  • A documenter of family events such as births, vacations, marriages, etc.

Various studies have revealed that writing, just like reading, is beneficial to the human mind and body. It promotes emotional and intellectual development in individuals.

Some benefits of writing include:

  • Helps your mind attain its full potential, and supports thinking
  • Heals emotional wounds and makes you feel good
  • Clears the mind to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Boosts the functioning of the immune system
  • Enhances physical health in arthritic and asthmatic patients
  • Enhances written and verbal skills

Whether you decide to blog, author a book or write opinion pieces, you need topic ideas to inspire your writing. Writing with a purpose improves consumer engagement, market share, ROI, and revenue growth.

If you’re a beginner writer and lack ideas or topics to write about, here’re six tips to get you started:

Top 6 Topic Ideas for Beginners to Write Interesting Posts

1. Politics

Politics is a popular topic worldwide, especially during election years. Find an interesting local, national or global political topic to discuss and get conversations started.

However, politics is usually controversial and dicey. It can polarize people, hence you should be ready for some controversy and how to deal with it.

According to problogger.com, it takes focus, the right voice, a relevant audience, launching of arguments using videos, and using pictures to write killer political articles.

2. Product reviews

You can also review products and services as a beginner to drive search traffic your site or blog. The reviews can earn you money, atop acting as a trusted resource online for driving traffic.

This is a great way to monetize your site or blog almost instantly even if it’s still new.

Use affiliate links to link your reviews to product pages of companies that do affiliate marketing such as Amazon Affiliates. You can focus your blog’s monetization entirely on affiliate marketing. However, choose a niche to showcase your expertise and credibility.

For example, choose the woodworking niche and review spare parts of products such as blades of table saws in a kerf design for increased efficiency. You can also review complete products such as hybrid saws with a removable riving knife for added functionality.

3. Bacon

This is a popular topic that’s here to stay.


Doesn’t everyone love bacon?

In fact, there’s a section dedicated to bacon-related articles on the Huffington Post. This points to the popularity of the topic.

4. How-to-Guides

Generally, people don’t like reading instruction manuals. Do you remember the last time you actually sat down to read the instruction manual of an electronic you just bought?

Today, people simply use the internet to find out how to do things.

Google is a leading search engine provider.


Wiki How is popular for how-to articles platform on various topics, explaining how to do particular tasks. You may even be astonished to see the kind of things people search for online using the Google search engine.

To create a popular post, all you need is a target niche audience and cater to their needs and curiosities, atop offering them useful answers.

5. Beginner guides

101 beginner guides are the best way to showcase your skills as a writer before moving to writing on advanced stuff.

With the right tips, you can write and publish popular beginner guides.

Most bloggers and experienced writers use beginner guides to build organic traffic to their blogs and/or websites. What’s more, you can use infographics to support your guide.

6. Popular recipes

Millions of users worldwide go online to search for tasty recipes to try out from the comfort of their kitchens. Therefore, if you’re looking to attract traffic to your site or blog, you won’t go wrong with topics on recipes. With new diets being created almost daily, there’s always something special to write about.