Good Massage An Indulgent Way for Writers to Relax

People who are not writers often have the impression that writers have it easy, sitting in front of a computer, lazily pushing words around in a way that makes sense. This is far from the truth. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what type of writing they do (online content, novels, magazine articles, etc.), they all experience pressure to perform, stress to meet deadlines, and the anxiety of writer’s block; not to mention the need to make ends meet at the end of every month.

There are physical problems too, including headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain, back spasms, and posture misalignment.

Together with pain, stress, and anxiety can cause other problems with symptoms that resemble those of burnout. These include lack of focus, difficulty concentrating, and lethargy.

So, what is a stressed-out writer to do?

There are several options, such as hiking and taking up hobbies like baking and card making. One of the most indulgent ways in which writers can relax is a good massage. In fact, massage is not just indulgence, it is self-care.

What types of massage help writers relax?

There are a lot of massage techniques, each of which helps with different problems.

Swedish massage is one of the most well-known techniques. It has overarching benefits so it helps with relaxation and alleviates muscle tension and strain from poorly designed ergonomic chairs, which results back pain and headaches.

Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils which have therapeutic or healing properties. The choice of oil depends on the reason for the appointment; for example, if you specifically have trouble sleeping or relaxing or need a zing of energy.

Deep tissue massage is great for chronic tension and muscular pain. Therapists have to use a great deal of pressure to dig down into the muscle and knead out knots. You’re supposed to feel the pressure, but not feel pain. So if you get sore, you need to tell your massage therapist to ease up.

Shiatsu massage targets specific pressure points that are essential to the positive flow of energy (chi). It’s believed that blocked chi results in a range of health problems, including headaches, insomnia, joint pain, and digestive distress. Blockages can occur when writers sit for too long without taking a break to walk around and stretch. When the blockages are cleared, people feel relaxed, health problems clear up, and even injuries start to heal properly.

Hot stone massage uses warm stones placed on certain points on the body to promote deep relaxation and loosen the muscles so the therapist can work deeper in the muscle with less effort and discomfort. The stones can be used to work into muscles or simply to convey coziness. It’s a good technique to relieve pain, anxiety, and insomnia. The stones should be warm, but not hot. If you’re uncomfortable tell your massage therapist immediately.

Reflexology uses the premise that points on the feet connect to parts of the body. Like shiatsu, it unblocks energy points so that energy can flow properly. Reflexology stimulates the body’s natural healing ability, as well as the pleasure response, which promotes relaxation. It also increases endorphins in your system which alleviates pain and combats stress. Unlike most other massage techniques which can only be administered when you’re lying down, reflexology can be done with customers sitting in comfortable massage chairs.

Chair massage is when a qualified massage therapist gives you a stress-relieving massage while you are sitting in a purpose-designed massage chair. Companies sometimes hire therapists to come to the office and give employees 10 — 20 minute massages to relieve on-the-job stress. This is helpful if you work in an office. Home-based writers could probably book a private session. Or you could look at some of the common spots where chair massage therapists hang out, such as shopping malls and markets.

Being a writer can be tremendously satisfying. In many ways, it lets you live your dreams. But dreams aren’t perfect and sometimes, while you’re decking away at your keyboard, your body is taking an indirect beating. Massage is a great way to decompress, rel. your brain, and get rid of niggling (and chronic) muscular pain.

Table Tennis Female Game

With about 300 million registered players, Table Tennis aka Ping Pong is one of the most popular indoor sports in the world. Ping pong is played between two players. It is also a team game when played in ‘doubles,’ with two players in each team. Paddles or bats are used to strike a lightweight ball (usually made of celluloid polymer) over a net on the opponent’s half. The goal is to ensure that your opponent can’t return back the ball successfully.

Table Tennis is played both formally and informally, just like any other sports. It is played competitively in clubs and leagues while also played in areas including shopping malls, cafes, and parks where you play it as a part of active social life.

Ping pong for women
Not just men, women also have been playing competitive ping pong since the game started. Elite women players have brought the table tennis to a new level for females. Moreover, it is good to play table tennis regularly for females as this agility-demanding game improves your reflexes and sharpness. Women’s body flexibility will enhance with daily regular hours given to this sport. It’s also fun and is a great way to make friends and socialize.

Some top female ping pong players listed according to current ITTF women rankings. Ding Ning, Zhu Yuling, Miu Hirano, Liu Shiwen, Zhang Yining, Kasumi Ishikawa Major benefits females will get from table tennis:

• Burns Calories for weight loss
Have you been worrying about one best diet to burn your fat quickly and easily? Then start engaging yourself in a game of table tennis. An hour of play can burn 150 calories of a fat person. It’s an easy and entertaining way of burning calories and getting slim.

• Hones your brain for sharpness and multitasking
Women are already sharp regarding decision making and efficient multitasking. But regular practice of this game stimulates various parts of a female’s brain and helps retain amazing abilities.

• Great way to create social bondings
Women like to make new friends, learn about the new things in the world. That is why this is the most suitable game for females. It can help to improve communication and create new friendly relationships. Playing at home with your children or siblings enables you to spend more quality time with each other.

• Develops mental acuity and agility
Table tennis stimulates the mental agility and improves the ability to create and solve puzzles regarding speed and spin of the ball. This makes it perfect for females who want to improve these attributes.

Best table tennis paddles in 2018
A proper paddle or bat can actually make the difference between a win and a loss. For a good table tennis female game. We have chosen these 3 quality paddles that will help you tremendously with your game.

1.STIGA pro carbon
Hours of research went into it, the best paddle for ping pong. It is a very fast paddle which can generate enough spin to dumbfound your opponents. STIGA’ s best offering is constructed out of 5 balsa wood’s layers and 2 carbon fibers which makes this great paddle very rigid as well as comfortable.

2. Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1
This killer racket will let you produce some explosive shots with great accuracy. It also provides excellent grip. For table tennis female game players, this one can be a great selection with a lot of power and spin in it.

3. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5FL
You must have heard of Butterfly brand somewhere. Yes, it is the one with incredible speed and powerful spin with precise and consistent shots.
The Balsa Carbo X5FL is aimed at advanced players. If you are already at the table tennis female game, then this would be your best choice. But beware, this isn’t easy on your wallet.

Writer Gets Idea While Doing the Dishes

It is common for writers to have their own amusing, or even peculiar, ways of getting ideas or inspiration for their writing.

Some famous writers for example, like George Orwell and Marcel Proust, would prefer writing lying down. James Joyce would lie on his stomach and would also have to wear his white coat. Virginia Woolf, on the contrary, would prefer standing more; she once used to have a standing desk.

Some writers also consider moving around a good way of making ideas flow. Wallace Stevens would walk, Agatha Christie would munch apples while in the bathtub, Vladimir Nabokov would find a spot to write in a parked car, Woody Allen would write while on his subway rides.

Whenever and wherever, a writer could get an idea, even while watching the small nozzles of a kitchen faucet while doing the dishes. There are some that could find their muse while doing some other things, or in other words, multitasking, like how Alexander Dumas and Gertrude Stein do.

Some would freak out and ask, “How in the world could a writer get an idea while doing the dishes?” It’s simple. There are quite some things you could find beauty in doing the dishes—if you don’t hate it that much, I guess.

Think about how martial artists, yogis, monks, and just anyone doing meditation would at times seek the sound of flowing water. The music of water can calm the mind. It can either clear away any thoughts or that from there; it can also make ideas flow along with the sound being heard.

Sights smell and tastes could give an effect to someone, especially ones wanting to call on creativity from within. In doing the dishes, for example, observing how the water goes from the faucet to the sink, splashing through the glasses, plates, and everything—this affects the mind that could brew even the tiniest ideas one could have to form stories, poetry, and prose. The bubbles also, like how it sprouts one by one, could call out words the muse within is wanting to express.

Another way a lot of writers try to battle against the so-called writer’s block is by moving. Getting your body at work could allow proper blood flow, making body processes function well, primarily, in the nervous system. So if you are doing chores for example, just like doing the dishes, you are exercising hand and brain coordination, stimulating the mind to go through thinking processes smoothly.

These are just some ways on how a writer gets an idea while doing the dishes. No matter what one is doing, as long as the mind is being allowed to be free—free to observe things, free to feel things, and open to contemplate at things—imagination occurs. You and you alone could find what works for you, so

never cease looking through things and things to do. The stories one writes are in the first place what is from the words that emerge from whatever stimuli one is surrounded by. What if from the small nozzles of the kitchen faucet, your ideas will flow? You’re the one to find out.

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